Burial: A Timeless


We strongly recommend considering a burial option, both for its permanence and timelessness.

Whatever your preference of placement may be, with burial, current and future generations have a space where they can commune, remember, and love those who made an impact on their lives.


In-ground burial has traditionally been our most chosen method of placement here at Pinelawn. We are able to accommodate in-ground placement for both caskets and urns, which are indicated and honored with bronze plaques. This is the ideal option for families who would like to remain in the same area but have different opinions regarding interment.


Pinelawn offers a variety of solutions for above-ground burial that range with size, tastes, and resting wishes. Among the above-ground choices, mausoleums, columbariums, and family memorial estates are the best known.

For individual placement options, niche spaces are available with both simple plaques or custom options.

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