The Fountain of Faith

Stunning Columbarium

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New expansion, Pricing available!

This marble installation features an righteous eagle in flight along with our peaceful and calming water feature.

“It’s so important for families to have a beautiful and calming place to visit their loved ones”, says Robert Nunnaley, Pinelawn Owner & Director. Nunnaley goes on to express that, “This stunning stone tribute creates an immediate sense of peace for loved ones to reflect and remember.”

What is a Columbaria?

A “Columbaria” or “Columbarium” is an above ground structure specifically for those who have chosen cremation. This is similar to the more commonly know term “mausoleum” which is specific to those do chose above group burial.

Experience The Fountain of Faith

  • Limited Spaces
  • Available In Assorted Sizes
  • Custom Memorialization Features Available
  • Tranquil Garden Setting
  • Calming Water Feature
  • Beautiful, Natural Landscape

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